Fate Roleplay originally began as a FiveM (Grand Theft Auto V) roleplay server in November 2019. Since then it has grown into a gaming community and we’ve even purchased our own server box with the help of community donations to run our games instead of using a hosting company. It’s since branched out into various sandbox games like Minecraft, Valheim and 7 Days to Die. Our goal is to eventually make it a solid gaming community with a handful of other roleplaying and non-roleplaying games while keeping the community a safe and positive place to participate in.

The FiveM server is where it all began, while we’ve had our ups and downs (as with any gaming community), we’ve learned how to develop a solid esx based server that our players seem to enjoy. If you’d like to join our community and roleplay with us, more information can be found on the Fate Roleplay website and our Discord