About Us

Hi there, we’re Candace (VampireKitten) and Matt (MaliciousSnip3r), we’re two extremely like minded people who love video games, that somehow found ourselves running, developing and managing a roleplaying gaming community on FiveM. Along the way, we decided it was a good idea to start a podcast to talk about our journey, help new players get involved in roleplaying games and discuss weird world topics that interest us. We really wanted a platform where we could better explain the things we do for the server, as well as a place to discuss current gaming topics. 


VampireKitten, aka VK, is a veteran of the gaming industry, with a background in games journalism, working directly with peripherals for major gaming consoles and has history in marketing/PR. She currently runs her own business and a streamer on Twitch. Her streaming schedule consists of GTAV RP, horror games and retro/FMV’s. She loves spooky things and is obsessed with her corgi. 


MaliciousSnip3r is a long time variety gamer who taught himself game server development. He’s a blue collar, no non-sense type guy with a heart of gold. His interests include anime, sports, music and pen & paper RPG’s.